(Various Artists)/Boogaloo A Go-Go (1992/1964-1969)

A Japanese original compilation (Discoteca) that consists of 18 boogaloo songs. Boogaloo is a style of Latin music and dance fusing R&B, soul and rock with Cuban/Caribbean Latin American music such as mambo. It originated in and around New York among young Latinos, and became prevalent during the mid-to-late 1960s. The artists are Ray Barretto, Ricardo Ray and others. Ray Barretto's "Watusi '65" is a remake of his 1962 hit. You can enjoy boogaloo songs, which were revalued in the context of club music since the 1990s, as happy and funky dance music. Compiled by Takashi Harada (the proprietor of world music disc shop "El Sur Records" in Shibuya, Tokyo, and a music critic). Recommended to those who like Latin music and Latin soul.

Boogaloo A Go-Go


Richard Hell and the Voidoids/Blank Generation (1977)

An American punk rock band, formed in New York City in 1976 and fronted by Richard Hell (vocals, bass), a former member of the Neon Boys, Television and the Heartbreakers, Richard Hell and the Voidoids' debut album. Art punk featuring sharp and edgy guitars. One of the New York punk classics. The looks and nihilism of the Voidoids influenced British punk bands such as Sex Pistols. The U.S. rock band Minutemen was influenced by the style of the Voidoids. Robert Quine's distinctive, avant-garde guitar playing in the punk-jazz style was inherited by later No Wave.

Blank Generation

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Circle Jerks/Group Sex (1980)

An American rock band formed by former Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris (lead vocals) and Redd Kross guitarist Greg Hetson (guitar) in 1979 in Los Angeles, California, Circle Jerks' debut album. Light and fast hardcore punk including the athletic elements like surfing and skateboarding. Considered as a classic of the hardcore punk genre. The songs are too short. Includes 14 tracks in just under 16 minutes.

Group Sex

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Van Morrison/Astral Weeks (1968) *

A Northern Irish singer-songwriter born in Belfast in 1945, Van Morrison's second studio album. Spiritual folk rock mixing the elements of Celtic folk, blues and jazz, with classical ones such as strings. Featuring Van Morrison's singing with his soulful vocals and guitar, including lyrics like "stream-of-consciousness" narrative. This album sold poorly when it was first released, but later it was highly evaluated as one of the best albums in popular music history.

Astral Weeks

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Brian Eno/Before and After Science (1977)

An English musician, composer and record producer known as a pioneer of ambient music, Brian Eno's fifth solo album. Experimental pop/art rock including Eno's vocals, and featuring pop-oriented songs and unique sound created by deconstruction and reconstruction of recorded sources, such as effect processing and tape edit. The first half is rock-oriented, and the latter half has a tranquil and pastoral sound featuring gentle melodies, like his ambient series. The guest musicians are Phil Collins (drums), Percy Jones (fretless bass, analogue delay bass), Jaki Liebezeit (drums), Fred Frith (modified guitar, cascade guitars), Robert Fripp (guitar) and others.

Before and After Science

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Flying Lotus/Los Angeles (2008) *

The second studio album (Warp) by Flying Lotus (real name: Steven Ellison), an American music producer and DJ born in 1983 in Los Angeles, California, known for his experimental music blending hip-hop and electronic music. A cosmic, futuristic and psychedelic soundscape based on electronica sound including glitch processing and 8-bit bleeps, and hip-hop beat, featuring thick and heavy bass and stumbling rhythms.

Los Angeles

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Anita O'Day/Anita Sings the Most (1957)

An American jazz singer born in 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri, known for her husky voice, innate sense of rhythm, and unique percussive style featuring short notes intermittently sung, almost without long tones and vibrato, Anita O'Day's 1957 album (Verve Records). A jazz vocal album with Oscar Peterson's piano trio with guitar. A popular album and one of her masterpieces recorded for Verve during the 1950s and the 1960s. You can enjoy Anita's singing in her best days, both rhythmic vocal performance including improvsation and scat, and relaxed ballads at slow tempo.

Anita Sings the Most


(Various Artists)/The Indestructible Beat of Soweto (1985/1981-1984)

A compilation album that consists of 12 tracks by South African musicians including the vocal group Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Mahlathini. "Soweto" (South Western Townships) is a township of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality in Gauteng, South Africa. Pop and modern township music based on African folk music with Zulu roots, such as mbaqanga, maskanda, and isicathamiya, under the influences of jazz and US/UK popular music. Recommended to those who like "Graceland" (1986) by Paul Simon, featuring Ladysmith Black Mambazo and other South African musicians.

The Indestructible Beat of Soweto


John Coltrane Quartet/Ballads (1961-1962)

An introspective and melodic jazz ballad performances (Impulse!) by the quartet of John Coltrane (tenor saxophone), McCoy Tyner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass), and Elvin Jones (drums), with the style different from Trane's typical styles at that time, such as high speed improvisation called "Sheets of Sound" and avant-garde/free jazz. Trane restrains improvisation and sings beautiful melodies of the original tunes by his tenor saxophone emotionally. Can be listened to with a relaxed state of mind.



(Various Artists)/I Was A Yeh Yeh Girl (2002/2000-2002)

A Japanese original compilation (Rambling Records) that consists of 15 tracks of Italian easy-listening dance pop in the early 2000s, reinterpreting the 1960s/1970s pop with contemporary sounds. Compiled by Alessandro Casella, the founder of Italian lounge music magazine "Il Giaguaro". Retro-modern dance pop based on electronic sounds such as big beat, including the elements of the 1960s French pop (Yeh Yeh), psyche, jazz and Latin. The artists are Doing Time, VIP 200, Montefiori Cocktail, Magnetic 4 and others. There is also the sequel, "I Was A Yeh Yeh Girl 2" (2003).

I Was A Yeh Yeh Girl