John Coltrane Quartet/Ballads (1961-1962)

An introspective and melodic jazz ballad performances (Impulse!) by the quartet of John Coltrane (tenor saxophone), McCoy Tyner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass), and Elvin Jones (drums), with the style different from Trane's typical styles at that time, such as high speed improvisation called "Sheets of Sound" and avant-garde/free jazz. Trane restrains improvisation and sings beautiful melodies of the original tunes by his tenor saxophone emotionally. Can be listened to with a relaxed state of mind.



(Various Artists)/I Was A Yeh Yeh Girl (2002/2000-2002)

A Japanese original compilation (Rambling Records) that consists of 15 tracks of Italian easy-listening dance pop in the early 2000s, reinterpreting the 1960s/1970s pop with contemporary sounds. Compiled by Alessandro Casella, the founder of Italian lounge music magazine "Il Giaguaro". Retro-modern dance pop based on electronic sounds such as big beat, including the elements of the 1960s French pop (Yeh Yeh), psyche, jazz and Latin. The artists are Doing Time, VIP 200, Montefiori Cocktail, Magnetic 4 and others. There is also the sequel, "I Was A Yeh Yeh Girl 2" (2003).

I Was A Yeh Yeh Girl


Federico Mompou/Música Callada (Takahashi, 2007) *

A Spanish composer and pianist born in Barcelona, Catalonia in 1893, known for his small piano pieces and songs, Federico Mompou's "Música Callada" (fontec). A collection of small piano pieces that consists of four notebooks and contains 28 pieces altogether. Published in 1959,1962, 1965 and 1967. Tranquil, introspective and meditative piano solo pieces featuring a simple and minimal style, and including discordance, atonality, improvisatory elements and melodies influenced by Catalan folk tunes. The title comes from the poetic work "Spiritual Canticle" by a 16th-century Carmelite friar St. John of the Cross. Yuji Takahashi's clear and gloomy performance at slow tempo.

Música Callada


Toots & the Maytals/The Very Best of Toots & the Maytals (2000/1964-1988)

A compilation album (2000, Polygram) that includes major 19 tracks by Toots & the Maytals, a Jamaican musical group led by Toots Hibbert (vocals, guitar) and formed in the early 1960s. You can enjoy Jamaican pop by the Maytals, Toots Hibbert's melodic and pop-oriented songs influenced by R&B such as Otis Redding and funk such as James Brown, and soulful vocals, in each period of ska/rocksteady/roots reggae. Includes "Do the Reggay", "Pressure Drop", "Monkey Man" (a rocksteady song covered by The Specials), "Sweet & Dandy", "Funky Kingston", "Pomp & Pride", "Reggae Got Soul" and others. "Time Tough: The Anthology" (a set of 2 CDs, 41 tracks) is recommended for those who want to listen to more songs.

The Very Best of Toots & the Maytals

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Foo Fighters/Foo Fighters (1995)

An American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1994, started as one-man project by ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl (lead vocals, guitar) after the death of Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. The debut album (#23 on the US album chart. #3 on the UK). Post-grunge/alternative rock heavily influenced by Nirvana, including heavy distortion guitar in the hard rock style, the elements of hardcore punk, and catchy vocal melodies. In this album, Dave Grohl wrote all the tracks and played almost all the instruments. Its pop-oriented melodic songs are impressive. Includes singles, "This Is a Call" (#5 on the UK chart), "I'll Stick Around", "For All the Cows", and "Big Me".

Foo Fighters

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Izumi Kobayashi/Tropicana (1983)

A keyboardist/singer-songwriter born in Chiba Prefecture in 1957, Izumi Kobayashi's third solo album (Kitty). Latin-tinged electro pop/new wave. "Crescent Pierce" is another version in the Latin funk style of "Dancing Star", the second opening theme of the TV anime series "Urusei Yatsura". "Rame-Iro Dream (Glitter-Colored Dream)" is a song coming from a radio-cassette recorder in the opening of the anime movie "Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer" (1984). "Mas Que Nada" with African arrangement is a cover of the bossa nova song composed by Jorge Ben. The last three tracks are instrumental-oriented pieces in the Latin fusion style.



Frankie Goes to Hollywood/Frankie Say Greatest (2009/1983-1987)

A compilation album (2 CDs, 27 tracks) by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, a British band formed in Liverpool in 1980, and worked for a short period in the mid-1980s. Released in 2009 by ZTT Records. Electronic dance pop in the disco/Hi-NRG style, with using synths such as Roland Jupiter-8, Fairlight CMI, Linndrum and Synclavier. Includes hit singles , such as "Relax" (#1 on the UK chart), "Two Tribes" (#1 UK) and "The Power of Love" (#1 UK), B-sides, album cuts, and remixe versions. "Relax" is the precious original 7-inch version (Move). Produced by Trevor Horn.

Frankie Say Greatest

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Bartók/The Wooden Prince [Complete Ballet] (Boulez,1975)

A one-act ballet composed by Bela Bartók, a Hungarian composer, pianist and ethnomusicologist (Columbia). A ballet with a huge Instrumentation including saxophones, influenced by Debussy, Richard Strauss and Wagner. Featuring colorful orchestration and fairy-tale story based on the scenario by the poet Bela Balazs. A good ballet, though it is less known than Bartók's other stage works, "Bluebeard's Castle" and "The Miraculous Mandarin". Recommended for those who like Stravinsky's "Petrushka". Pierre Boulez's old recording with New York Philharmonic.

The Wooden Prince [Complete Ballet]


Urusei Yatsura: Anime Theme Song & Character Song Collection (2015/1981-1991)

A compilation (A set of 2 CDs, 30 tracks) that includes all the 15 opening/ending theme songs (the original long versions) of the TV anime series "Urusei Yatsura" (aired in Japan in 1981-1986), all the 6 theme songs of "Urusei Yatsura" movies and other "Urusei"-related songs (Pony Canyon). The disc 1 (a collection of theme songs of the TV series) is the same as the CD "Urusei Yatsura TV Theme Song Best" released in 1999. The disc 2 includes movie theme songs, opening/ending theme songs of the second OVA "I'm the Shu-chan (Memorial Album)", featured songs and chracter songs. This is not a "complete collection", because it lacks several featured songs and opening/ending theme songs of the third OVA, but you can listen to all the theme songs of TV series and movies in high-quality sound (the 2015 remastered edition). The first theme song of the TV series "Lum's Love Song" (composed by Izumi Kobayashi, sung by Yuko Matsutani) is a very famous anime song.

Urusei Yatsura: Anime Theme Song & Character Song Collection


Derek Bailey, Steve Lacy/Outcome (1983) *

A recording by the duo of Derek Bailey (electric guitar), an English avant-garde guitarist and leading figure in free improvisation, and Steve Lacy (soprano saxophone), an American jazz saxophonist and composer. Recorded live at Dunois, Paris, on June 25th, 1983. Released in the Potlatch label (France) in 1999. An excellent free improvisation/avant-garde jazz album featuring Lacy who sings freaky melodies on soprano saxophone in the free jazz style, and Bailey's distinctive guitar playing in the contemporary music style, including timbre like John Cage's prepared piano.