Haruomi Hosono/omni Sight Seeing (1989)

His thirteenth solo album (Epic). A good album of electronica/synth pop in the world music style including the elements of Japanse folk song, Arabic pop (rai), Latin music and ambient music like Brian Eno. "Esashi" includes a quotation from the Japanese folk song "Esashi Oiwake". "Andadura" is an Arabic pop. "Caravan" is a cover of the exotic jazz standard number composed by Duke Ellington and Juan Tizol. "Laugh-Gas" is a track in acid-techno style featuring Roland's rhytm machine TR-808. A Tunisian singer-songwriter, Amina Annabi sings with her arabic vocals in "Andadura" and "Laugh-Gas". The lyrics are Japanese, English, French and Arabic.

omni Sight Seeing