Sekiri/Sekiri Shoki Ongenshu+2 (Sekiri Early Recordings+2) (2015/1985-1989)

A compilation (25 tracks) which includes the early recordings in the late 1980s by the rock band Sekiri (means "dysentery" in Japanese), the pioneer of the Japanese all-female punk bands, led by Miyu (vocals) and formed in Kyoto in 1983, who had an influence on following bands such as Lolita No.18. Released by Alchemy Records in 2015 as a reissue of the remastered "Sekiri Shoki Ongenshu" (released by Youth Inc. in 2013), adding two tracks from a cassette source. The music is based on dark and aggressive hardcore punk, but it also features pop songs with languorous feeling. "Ring-Ring" is a nihilistic hardcore punk tune covering Finger5's idol pop "Koi no Dial 6700 (Love's Dial 6700)".

Sekiri Shoki Ongenshu+2