Brian Eno/Music for Films (1978)

An English musician, composer and record producer known as a pioneer of ambient music, Brian Eno's seventh solo album (#55 on the UK album charts). Originally released as a promotional LP (five hundred copies) for filmmakers in 1976, including music can be used as soundtrack in their films. E.G. Records released the commercial LP (18 tracks) as the revised edition in 1978. A collection of short (from one-and-a-half minutes to about four minutes) instrumental pieces. Experimental electronic music featuring Eno's synthesizers and studio instrumentation by other musicians, but it includes lots of pieces with lyrical and beautiful melodies. "Alternative 3" was composed for the 1977 TV drama of the same name. The personnel are John Cale (viola), Phil Collins (percussion), Robert Fripp (electric guitar), Fred Frith (electric guitar), Percy Jones (bass guitar) and others.

Music for Films

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