Brian Eno/Ambient 1: Music for Airports (1978) *

An English musician, composer and record producer known as a pioneer of ambient music, Brian Eno's sixth album. The first of Eno's "Ambient" series pioneering ambient music under the influence of Erik Satie's "furniture music". A tranquil and comfortable electroacoustic work created by the methods of minimal music (repetition and gradation). It was created for actual use as background music in airports. Can be piped as background music, and can be appreciated as pure music, and can be experienced as a sound installation. It consists of four tracks created by layering tape loops of differing lengths: "1/1" (piano, electric piano, synthesizer), "2/1" (female vocals, synthesizer), "1/2" (female vocals, piano) and "2/2" (synthesizer only). The personnel are the former Soft Machine member Robert Wyatt (piano, composition). Rhett Davies (composition, engineering), Conny Plank (engineering) and others.

Ambient 1: Music for Airports

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Brian Eno/Music for Films (1978)

An English musician, composer and record producer known as a pioneer of ambient music, Brian Eno's seventh solo album (#55 on the UK album charts). Originally released as a promotional LP (five hundred copies) for filmmakers in 1976, including music can be used as soundtrack in their films. E.G. Records released the commercial LP (18 tracks) as the revised edition in 1978. A collection of short (from one-and-a-half minutes to about four minutes) instrumental pieces. Experimental electronic music featuring Eno's synthesizers and studio instrumentation by other musicians, but it includes lots of pieces with lyrical and beautiful melodies. "Alternative 3" was composed for the 1977 TV drama of the same name. The personnel are John Cale (viola), Phil Collins (percussion), Robert Fripp (electric guitar), Fred Frith (electric guitar), Percy Jones (bass guitar) and others.

Music for Films

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808 State/90 (1989) *

An English techno band formed in 1987 in Manchester, 808 State's second full-length album. The debut album released on the major label ZTT Records. A techno/electronica classic which established their own melodic and intelligent style of dance music by introducing the elements of US underground dance music, such as acid house and detroit techno, and ambient music. Includes "Pacific 202", one of the versions of a hit single "Pacific State" (#10 on the UK chart). There is also the US version "Utd. State 90" (1990), which includes bonus tracks instead of "The Fat Shadow". The 2008 deluxe edition (2 CDs) consists of the original album remastered by Graham Massey and a bonus disc of remixes and unreleased tracks.


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Everything but the Girl/Walking Wounded (1996)

An English musical duo formed by Tracey Thorn (vocals) and Ben Watt (guitar, keyboards) in 1982 in Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, Everything but the Girl's ninth studio album (#4 in the UK album charts. #37 in the US). They had jazzy and acoustic style in their early years, but in this album they introduced electronica and club sound overall, such as house, breakbeats, drum 'n' bass, and trip-hop. The melancholy melodies and Tracey Thorn's vocals are the same as their early works. Calm, sophisticated and accessible sound. Includes singles, "Walking Wounded" (#6 in the UK charts), "Wrong" (#8 in the UK) and "Single" (#20 in the UK). Also includes "Wrong" (Todd Terry Remix) and "Walking Wounded" (Omni Trio Remix).

Walking Wounded

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Eminem/The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)

An American white rapper born in 1972, Eminem's third album (#1 on the US/UK album charts). A hit album which has sold over 19 million copies worldwide, and won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. Hip hop following the sytle of Dr. Dre, but features rock/pop-oriented sound. Extreme lyrics exhibiting anger and hate, and catchy melodies. Dark and melancholy mood. Includes three singles, "The Real Slim Shady" (#4 on the US/ #1 on the UK charts), "The Way I Am" (#8 on the UK), and "Stan" (#1 on the UK. Sampling an English female singer-songwriter Dido's song "Thank You"). The track 15 "Bitch Please II" features Snoop Dogg on rap. Produced by Dr. Dre (ex-N.W.A.), Eminem and others.

The Marshall Mathers LP

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Eno/Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (1974)

Brian Eno's second solo album released before "Another Green World" (1975). Eccentric and dreamy, song-oriented pop album featuring pop song structures, band sounds, synths, electronic souons and Eno's vocals. Accessible for catchy melodies. "Third Uncle" is a famous song covered by Bauhaus. The musicians are Phil Manzanera (guitar) from Roxy Music, ex-Soft Machine member Robert Wyatt (percussion, backing vocals) and others.

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)


Harold Budd/Brian Eno/Ambient 2/The Plateaux of Mirror (1980)

The 2nd work of ambient series like environmental music. Featuring fragmentary, beautiful piano melodies played by American composer, Harold Budd.

Ambient 2/The Plateaux of Mirror


The Eagles/Hotel California (1976)

The fifth album by the Eagles, the Los Angeles-based rock band. A 1976 mainstream hit and one of the most famous albums in the rock history. Heavy sound based on the West Coast's country rock and serious lyrics. Includes two number one hits on the US charts, "New Kid in Town" and "Hotel California". The title track "Hotel California" is a masterpiece known for its wistful melodies with Don Henley's husky vocals and interplay of the two guitars of Joe Walsh and Don Felder.

Hotel California

Earth, Wind & Fire/That's the Way of the World (1975)

One of the most commercially successful R&B group of the 1970s. Featuring Maurice White (drummer, bandleader and songwriter) and Philip Bailey (lead singer). Pop-oriented sounds based on funk, and melding jazz, soul, rock and African music. This album and the single "Shining Star" hit number one on both the US pop and R&B charts.

That's the Way of the World

Echo & the Bunnymen/Porcupine (1983) **

A psychedelic New Wave band from Liverpool. 3rd album.


Echo & the Bunnymen/Ocean Rain (1984) **

Clear and pure sounds with strings. 4th album.

Ocean Rain

808 State/Newbuild (1988) *

A pioneer of the techno-house from Manchester, 808 State's debut work. Straight ahead acid house sound. A masterpiece featuring Gerald Simpson (A Guy Called Gerald).


808 State/Ex:El (1991) *

A masterpiece of UK techno-house. Ultrasophisticated soundmaking and aggressive beat in the rock style. Featuring Bernard Sumner of New Order and the Sugarcubes' Björk on vocals. Cool!


Einstürzende Neubauten/80-83 Strategies Against Architecture (1980-1983)

The compilation album that includes the early recordings (single-only cuts, live performances and several tracks from the 1981 album "Kollaps") by Einstürzende Neubauten, the Germany's experimental industrial rock band. Noisy and avant-garde, but strangely refreshing sounds with a mix of Blixa Bargeld's whispering/screaming vocals, various noises by electric tools and so on, and percussions beating metallic objects.

80-83 Strategies Against Architecture

Elektric Music/Esperanto (1993)

A project by Karl Bartos (synths) who left Kraftwerk. Synth-pop just like Kraftwerk. OMD's Andy McCluskey (vocals) joined. 1st album.


Emerson, Lake & Palmer/Brain Salad Surgery (1973)

A prog-rock supertrio of Keith Emerson (ex-The Nice keyboardist), Greg Lake (ex-King Crimson lead singer and bassist) and Carl Palmer (ex-Atomic Rooster drummer). 5th album. Aggressive and percussive sound centered around Emerson's keyboards (Hammond organ, Moog synth, piano and others). Includes the three-part 'Karn Evil 9'. A masterpiece of progressive-rock.

Brain Salad Surgery

Eno/Another Green World (1975) **

Maybe this 3rd album is noted as his greatest work. Experimental pop.

Another Green World

Brian Eno/Ambient 4/On Land (1982) *

The 4th work of ambient series like environmental music. An imaginative sonic space. Bill Laswell (bass) and Jon Hassell (trumpet) guest. Cool.

Ambient 4/On Land

Brian Eno-David Byrne/My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (1981) *

Sound-collage with African beat, like sampling music.

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Enya/Watermark (1988)

A female singer/musician from Ireland, Enya's second album. After acting as a member of the Celtic music/British trad. folk group Clannad, debuted as a solo artist. A distinctive style by fusing trad. folk/Celtic music with high-tech sound by synths and overdubbing, called "Irish new age music" or "Celtic ambient music". Includes the No.1 hit on the UK "Music Week" charts, "Orinoco Flow".


Erasure/Pop! The First 20 Hits (1985-1992)

A duo of Vince Clark (synths) and Andy Bell (vocals). Soulful electro-pop. Includes lots of hits, such as "Sometimes" and "A Little Respect".

Pop! The First 20 Hits

Erasure/Wonderland (1986)

The debut album featuring "Who Needs Love Like That", "Heavenly Action" and "Oh L' Amour".


Eurythmics/Greatest Hits (1982-1989)

Soulful sysnth-pop duo of Dave Stewart (guitar, keyboards) and Annie Lennox (vocals). The single hits collection that includes lots of hits such as 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)', 'Here Comes the Rain Again', 'Would I Lie to You?', 'There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)' and 'Missionary Man'.

Greatest Hits

Everything But the Girl/Eden (1984)

A duo of Ben Watt (guitar, piano, vocals) and Tracey Thorn (vocals). The debut album. Acoustic-oriented jazz-pop in bossa nova style.