Bob Marley and the Wailers/Legend (1984/1972-1893)

A compilation album (#1 on the UK album charts. #5 on the US) by Bob Marley and the Wailers, a Jamaican reggae band led by Bob Marley (guitar, lead vocals). A best-selling reggae album. The original LP contains 14 tracks. The 2002 remastered edition includes two bonus tracks. You can enjoy pop and song-oriented roots reggae. The best one as the first choice or introduction to roots reggae. Features three songs by the original Wailers, "Stir It Up", "I Shot the Sheriff" and "Get Up, Stand Up", and all ten of Marley's Top 40 hit singles in the UK, "No Woman, No Cry" (#8), "Exodus" (#14), "Waiting in Vain" (#27), "Jamming"/"Punky Reggae Party" (#9), "One Love/People Get Ready" (#5), "Is This Love" (#9), "Satisfy My Soul" (#21), "Could You Be Loved" (#5), "Three Little Birds" (#17), and "Buffalo Soldier" (#4).


| Music: M |


Paul Mauriat/Paul Mauriat Best 100 -eternal European sounds- (2015/1965-1993)

A best compilation (a set of 5 CDs) of the works composed by Paul Mauriat, a French composer/conductor, who was born in 1925 in Marseille, and produced international hits in the easy listening genre in popular/film music fields in the late 1960s and the early 1970s (Universal Music Japan). It includes 100 tracks selected from Universal Music's master tapes and digitally remastered on SHM-CD. All the hits are the original versions. Sentimental instrumental orchestra pop with heavy use of harpsichord, including catchy melodies and classical/baroque elements. "Nocturne" (1966) is his early original piece. "L'amour est bleu (Love is Blue)" (1967) is a cover of French composer, André Popp's song (#1 hit in the US). "La reine de Saba" (1967) is a cover of a Tunisian singer-songwriter, Michel Laurent's song. "Pénélope (L'éterner retour)" (1970) is a cover of Spanish composer, Augusto Algueró's song. "Toccata" (1973) is a cover of French composer, Gaston Rolland. "El Bimbo" (1974) is a cover of French composer, Claude Morgan's song. Recommended to those who want to listen to the original versions of Paul Mauriat's hits as a whole in high-quality sound.

Paul Mauriat Best 100 -eternal European sounds-

| Music: M |


Mott the Hoople/All the Young Dudes (1972)

An English rock band formed in 1969 in London, Mott the Hoople's fifth album (# 21 on the UK album charts). The band was close to breaking up at that time because the band was commercially unsuccessful, but David Bowie reactivated the band by providing the song "All the Young Dudes" and producing this album. The title track "All the Young Dudes" (#3 on the UK charts/#37 on the US) became one of anthems in the glam rock era. Categorized into glam rock, but basically a live performance-based rock'n'roll band influenced by The Rolling Stones. "Sweet Jane" is a cover of the Velvet Underground song. The remastered CD (including seven bonus tracks) released in 2006.

All the Young Dudes

| Music: M |


The Monks/Black Monk Time (1966)

A garage rock band formed by American G.I.s stationed in Germany, in Gelnhausen in 1964, The Monks' only original album (recorded in Cologne in 1965). Garage/psyche rock featuring avant-garde sound with electric organ (Philips Philicorda), fuzz/feedback guitar, and electric banjo. Minimalist and repetitive beat like Krautrock since the late 1960s. This album was initially commercially unsuccessful, but after that it was revalued as " the first punk record", classic of protopunk, and pioneer of Krautrock. Includes a single track, "Complication". Recommended to those who like US garage rock like the compilation album "Nuggets", and Krautrock such as Can and Faust.

Black Monk Time

| Music: M |


The Mothers/Over-Nite Sensation (1973)

The seventeenth studio album by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention (#32 on the US album charts). A turning point for Zappa/Mothers' song/pop-oriented works since the 1970s. A collection of short pieces influenced by jazz-rock and soul music, which are complex and elaborate, but pop and funky. Relatively accessible in Zappa/Mothers works. The musicians are Frank Zappa (guitar, vocals), Ian Underwood (clarinet, flute, alto & tenor saxophone), Ruth Underwood (percussion, marimba, vibraphone), Jean-Luc Ponty (violin, baritone violin), George Duke (synthesizer, keyboards) and others. Also features Tina Turner and the Ikettes on backing vocals (uncredited). Includes a single track "I'm the Slime" and famous songs "Montana" and "Dinah-Moe Humm".

Over-Nite Sensation

| Music: M |


M.I.A./Kala (2007)

An English musician of Sri Lankan Tamil descent, M.I.A.'s second album (#18 on the US album charts. #39 on the UK). Electro alternative dance music based on hip hop, like her debut album "Arular", but more large-scaled, "world music"-oriented, and powerful in beat than club music-oriented "Arular". It includes sound sources such as songs and raps recorded in India, Trinidad, Liberia and Australia. The tracks are mainly written and produced by M.I.A. and UK house DJ/producer Switch. Includes singles, "Bird Flu", "Boyz", "Jimmy" (a cover of "Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja", a song from 1982 Indian film "Disco Dancer"), and "Paper Planes" (#4 on the US chart. Samples The Clash's "Straight to Hell"). "Bird Flu" and "Boyz" feature drum used in music of Tamil Nadu, India. "Bamboo Banga" samples The Modern Lovers' "Roadrunner". "20 Dollar" samples Pixies' "Where Is My Mind?".


| Music: M |


Motörhead/Ace of Spades (1980)

An English heavy metal band formed in 1975 by ex-Hawkwind member Lemmy (bass, vocals, songwriting), Motörhead's fourth album (#4 on the UK album charts). Loud and heavy rock and roll by fusing heavy metal with punk, featuring Lemmy's guttural vocals and sense of hurtling like punk. The sound is like a precursor of thrash metal and speed metal. Includes a hit single track "Ace of Spades" (#15 on the UK charts). Produced by Vic Maile.

Ace of Spades


Minutemen/Double Nickels on the Dime (1984)

An American three-piece rock band led by D. Boon (vocals, guitar) and Mike Watt (bass) and formed in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California in 1980, Minutemen's third album. Released on the independent record label SST Records. Funk-oriented hardcore punk/post-punk influenced by Gang of Four. Featuring Mike Watt's funky, melodic bass, George Hurley's rapid fire rifle-like rolling drums, and D. Boon's sharp, clear-cut staccato guitar. Excellent technique. Their music had a great influence on lots of US alternative rock bands such as Sonic Youth, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr., Fugazi, Pearl Jam, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. "Don't Look Now" is a cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival. "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love" is a cover of Van Halen. "Dr. Wu" is a cover of Steely Dan. "Corona" was used as the theme song of the US MTV television show "Jackass".

Double Nickels on the Dime


John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers/Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton (1966)

An English blues singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, John Mayall (vocals, piano, Hammond organ) and his band, the Bluesbreakers's second album (#6 on the UK album charts). The only studio-recording album featuring Eric Clapton (guitar) who had left the Yardbirds. A classic of British blues/electric blues based on American blues. The overdriven, distorted guitar sound by Gibson Les Paul through an Marshall amplifier was innovative. "All Your Love" is a cover of Otis Rush. "Hideaway" is a cover of Freddie King. "What'd I Say" is a cover of Ray Charles. "Ramblin' on My Mind" is a cover of Robert Johnson.

Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton


The Mamas & the Papas/All the Leaves Are Brown: The Golden Era Collection (2001/1966-1968)

A California-based vocal group of the 1960s, the Mamas & the Papas' digitally remastered 2-CD compilation, assembling all four of the 1960s albums, "If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears" (1966), "The Mamas & the Papas" (1966), "Deliver" (1967) and "The Papas & The Mamas" (1968), with the mono single versions of "I Saw Her Again", "Words of Love", and "Creeque Alley", plus the non-LP single "Glad to Be Unhappy". Psychedelic folk rock/sunshine pop featuring four-part male/female beautiful vocal harmonies. Includes singles, "California Dreamin'" (#4 on the US charts), "Monday, Monday" (#1), "I Saw Her Again" (#5), "Words of Love" (#5), "Dedicated to the One I Love" (#2), "Creeque Alley" (#5) and others.

All the Leaves Are Brown: The Golden Era Collection


M.I.A./Arular (2005)

An English musician of Sri Lankan Tamil descent (real name: Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam). Debut album released on XL Recordings. Electro alternative dance music featuring Roland MC-505 (sequencer/drum machine), influenced by hip hop, dancehal reggae/ragamuffin, UK club music (garage, grime) Brazilian baile funk/funk carioca, and electroclash. Includes singles, "Galang", "Sunshowers" (samples Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band's "Sunshower"), and "Bucky Done Gun" (samples Deize Tigrona's baile funk tune "Injeção").



Moondog/The Viking of Sixth Avenue (2006/1949-1995)

A compilation (Honest Jon's Records) that includes 36 tracks from 1949-1995 recordings by Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin, 1916-1999), a blind American composer who worked as a street musician and poet in New York City from the late 1940s until the 1970s. Unique minimalist music featuring handmade instruments and pulse-like rhythm influenced by Native American music, and including classical strings, jazz elements, pop vocal/chorus melodies, and environment sounds. Includes singles, "Moondog's Symphony", "Snaketime Rhythm" and others. His music of the 1940s and 1950s had a strong influence on early minimalist composers, such as Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Recommended for those who like minimal music, the Residents and the High Llamas.

The Viking of Sixth Avenue


Magazine/Real Life (1978)

An English post-punk band formed in 1977 in Manchester, led by ex-Buzzcocks member Howard Devoto (vocals) and John McGeoch (guitar), Magazine's debut album (#29 on the UK album charts). Art rock-oriented post-punk influenced by Roxy Music, David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Features Howard Devoto's nervous vocals, John McGeoch's sharp guitar and Dave Formula's brilliant keyboards. Includes the debut single "Shot by Both Sides" (written by Howard Devoto and Pete Shelley). Produced by John Leckie.

Real Life


Magma/Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh (1973)

A French progressive rock band formed in 1969 by Christian Vander (drums), Magma's most famous album (third). Unique symphonic rock featuring heavy rhythm section and repetitive unison of monophony by opera/gospel-oriented mixed chorus, like Carl Orff. It consists of seven tracks, but the whole album is like a song sycle or suite (about 39 minute). The lyrics are in their constructed language, Kobaïan. Recommended to those who like Orff's "Carmina Burana" or Soft Machine.

Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh


The Mothers of Invention/We're Only in It for the Money (1968)

The third album (#30 on the US charts) released by American composer/guitarist Frank Zappa under the name of his band, the Mothers of Invention. An experimental rock album featuring psych pop and musique concrète (tape collage), but the most pop/song-oriented one among the albums by Zappa/Mothers in the late 1960s, along with the second album "Absolutely Free" (1967). The front cover was originally a parody of the cover for The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1967), but the cover was turned inside-out for release. Listener-friendly and recommended to beginners, though I think their true masterpieces in the late 1960s are Mothers' first album "Freak Out!" (1966. Avant-garde rock + R&B + contemporary music) and Zappa's second solo "Hot Rats" (1969. Instrumental jazz rock).

We're Only in It for the Money


Marilyn Manson/Antichrist Superstar (1996)

An American rock band, Marilyn Manson's second full-length album (#3 on the US album charts). Industrial metal influenced by industrial rock like Ministry and shock rock/heavy metal like Ozzy Osbourne. Anti-Christian lyrics. Includes singles, "The Beautiful People" and "Tourniquet". Produced by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy), Marilyn Manson (vocals) and Sean Beavan (mixing for Nine Inch Nails).

Antichrist Superstar


Mudhoney/March to Fuzz: best of and rarities... (1988-1998)

An American alternative rock band formed in Seattle, Washington in 1988, Mudhoney's two-disc compilation album (52 tracks. Released on Sub Pop Records). Punk/garage rock-oriented grunge featuring noisy fuzz/distorted guitar. Disc 1 (best of) is a collection of their popular songs such as their first single "Touch Me I'm Sick", "In 'n' Out of Grace", "Suck You Dry", "Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More", "Here Comes Sickness", "Blinding Sun" and "Into Your Shtik". Disc 2 (rarities and B-sides) is a collection of rare tracks and b-sides. Recommended to those who like the Stooges, Sonic Youth and Nirvana.

March to Fuzz: best of and rarities...


The Modern Lovers/The Modern Lovers (1971-1972/1976)

A Boston-based rock band led by Jonathan Richman (vocals, guitar), the Modern Lovers' first album. Recorded in 1971-1972, but released in 1976. Minimalistic guitar rock influenced by the Velvet Underground. Produced by John Cale and Kim Fowley. One of the most important proto-punk albums between the Velvet Underground and New York punk. Features 'Roadrunner' (covered by the Sex Pistols), 'Pablo Picasso', 'I'm Straight', and 'She Cracked'. Recommended to those who like the Velvet Underground and Big Star. The 2003 reissue CD includes 9 original tracks plus 8 bonus tracks. The members, Jerry Harrison (keyboards) later joined Talking Heads, and David Robinson (drums) joined the Cars.

The Modern Lovers


Megadeth/Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? (1986)

An American thrash metal band led by ex-Metallica Dave Mustaine (guitar, vocals, songwriting), Megadeth's 2nd album. An early thrash metal classics fusing dark heavy metal with hardcore punk. Intricate musical passages and aggressive guitar riffs. High instrumental skills. "I Ain't Superstitious" is a cover of Willie Dixon's blues song. The 2004 CD is remixed and remastered by Dave Mustaine.

Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?


Mogwai/Mogwai Young Team (1997)

A post-rock band formed in 1996 in Glasgow, Scotland, Mogwai's first full-length album. Largely instrumental guitar-based sound. Post-rock influenced by Sonic Youth and Slint. Dynamic contrast between quiet and loud, beautiful, melancholic melodies and roar of guitar distortion.

Mogwai Young Team


Giorgio Moroder/E=MC2 (1980)

An Italian producer, composer and synthesizer player known as 'The Father of Disco', Giorgio Moroder's solo album. Billed as the "first electronic live-to-digital album". Sequencer-based electro disco, just like Sparks' album "No.1 in Heaven" produced by Giorgio Moroder at the same time (1979). One of the origins of techno.



Alanis Morissette/Jagged Little Pill (1995)

A female singer/songwriter from Canada, Alanis Morissette's third (international debut) album released on Maverick Records, Madonna's label. Confessional and Emotional vocals with unique vocalization and band sound in the alternative rock/post-grunge style. This album has sold 30 million copies worldwide and won the Grammy awards "Album of the Year" and "Best Rock Album". Includes the hit single "You Oughta Know" featuring Flea (bass) and Dave Navarro (guitar) from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. All the songs composed by herself and the producer Glenn Ballard. She greatly influenced follow-on Canadian singers such as Skye Sweetnam (and also Japanese singers such as Ringo Shena, Hitomi Yaida and Chihiro Onizuka).

Jagged Little Pill


Paul McCartney & Wings/Band on the Run (1973)

Ex-the Beatles, Paul McCartney's fifth solo work released under the name of Wings (#1 on the US/UK album charts). Melodic sound like soft rock. Produced by Paul, his wife Linda McCartney, and Denny Laine, a former guitarist for the Moody Blues. Paul himself played almost every instrument, including drums. One of his valued solo works after the Beatles disbanded. Includes hit singles, "Band on the Run" and "Jet".

Band on the Run


The Music/The Music (2002)

The alternative rock band formed in Leeds, England in 1999, the Music's debut album (#4 on the UK album charts). A mix of man-powered dance beat and loud blues/hard rock like Led Zeppelin. Filled with a sense of groove. Robert Harvey's high-toned vocal is like Robert Plant. Features "Take the Long Road and Walk It" and "The People".

The Music


The Meters/The Very Best of the Meters (1968-1976)

The New Orleans-based funk band led by Art Neville (keyboard, vocals), the Meters' best compilation (16 tracks, released on Rhino in 1997). Earthy New Orleans funk. Finely syncopated rhythm. The tracks are mainly instrumentals. Very influential on the funk and hip-hop since the 1980s. Features "Cissy Strut", "Sophisticated Cissy", "Look-Ka Py Py", "Hey Pocky A-Way" and "Fire on the Bayou".

The Very Best of the Meters


Bob Marley and the Wailers/Live! (1975)

A memorable live recording at the Lyceum Ballroom, London, on 19th July 1975. A great reggae performance with rock-oriented band sound. 'No Woman, No Cry' is impressive. 'I Shot the Sheriff' is a famous song Eric Clapton covered.



Material/Hallucination Engine (1994) *

The New York-based bassist/producer/arranger, Bill Laswell's project, Material's 1994 album. Ethnic ambient dub/jazz-funk in the Indian/Arabic style. The guest musicians are Wayne Shorter (soprano/tenor saxes), Bernie Worrell (electric piano, organ), Bootsy Collins (bass), Indian violinist L. Shanker (electric violin), Sly Dunbar (drums) and others. "Words of Advice" samples Billy Cobham's "Red Baron" and features the novelist William S. Burroughs' monologue. "Cucumber Slumber (Fluxus Mix)" is a cover of Weather Report. "Naima" is a quote of John Coltrane.

Hallucination Engine


Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66/The Very Best of Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66 (1966-1971)

An international popular group of bossa nova/lounge/Brazilian pop (gender-mixed vocals) in the late 1960s, Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66's comprehensive best compilation album (a set of 2 CDs, 48 tracks in total) that covers all the hits and other good songs from all the seven albums recorded for A&M records. A smash hit "Mas Que Nada" is a cover of Jorge Ben. "With a Little Help from My Friends", "The Fool on the Hill", "Day Tripper" and "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)" are covers of the Beatles. "Triste" and "Wave" are covers of Antonio Carlos Jobim. "For What it's Worth" is a cover of Buffalo Springfield (written by Stephen Stills). "Chelsea Morning" is a cover of Joni Mitchell. "Lost in Paradise" is a cover of Caetano Veloso. "Night and Day" is a cover of Cole Porter. "Scarborough Fair" is a cover of Simon & Garfunkel. "Empty Faces" is a cover of Milton Nascimento. The co-producer is Herb Alpert of A&M.

The Very Best of Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66


Moby/Play (1999)

The American techno artist/electronica musician, Moby's 1999 blockbuster album with over 50 million copies sold all over the world (#38 on the US, #1 on the UK charts). Spiritual breakbeat/ambient techno in the R&B style, featuring Moby's vocals and old blues or gospel vocal samples such as Etta James, Vera Hall and BB King. Includes "Honey", "Run On", "Porcelain", a big-beat dance tune "Bodyrock", "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?" and "South Side".



The Move/The Move (1968)

The rock band from Birmingham, England, led by Roy Wood (guitar,vocals), the Move's debut album. A masterpiece of melodic British psychedelic pop, like the Beatles at the time. Includes 'Flowers in the Rain' (#2 on the UK charts). 'Hey Grandma' is a cover of Moby Grape.

The Move


Manfred Mann/Mighty Garvey! (1968)

The English jazz/R&B-oriented rock band led by keyboardist Manfred Mann, Manfred Mann's 1968 masterpiece. Released when Mike D'Abo was the lead vocalist (so-called Chapter Two). Colourful psychedelic pop with mellotron. Includes a hit 'The Mighty Quinn' (a cover of Bob Dylan's then-unreleased song. #1 on the UK charts. #10 on the US).

Mighty Garvey!


Moby Grape/Moby Grape (1967)

The rock band in San Francisco in 1960s, Moby Grape's debut album. Psychedelic rock based on roots music such as country, folk, blues and rockn' roll. Multilayered sound featuring triple guitar and the chorus of triple voice.

Moby Grape


Madness/Utter Madness (1982-?)

The single collection. Well-crafted British pop.

Utter Madness

Madonna/The Immaculate Collection (1984-1990)

A dance-pop singer born in Michigan, Madonna's first single-disc hits compilation. 17 tracks including eight No. 1 hits on the US charts. Remastered in Q-sound and not the original single versions. "Lucky Star", "Borderline", "Like a Virgin", "Material Girl", "Crazy for You", "Into the Groove", "Live to Tell" and so on.

The Immaculate Collection

Madonna/Like a Virgin (1984)

A blockbuster produced by former Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers. The second album that includes a No. 1 hit on the US charts, "Like a Virgin" and "Material Girl".

Like a Virgin

Bob Marley and the Wailers/Catch a Fire (1972)

Jamaican reggae got to be known in the world with this album as a start.

Catch a Fire

Massive Attack/Protection (1994)

DJ group from Bristol (Ex-Wild Bunch). One of the originators of English hip-hop/trip-hop. The 2nd album. Lazy dubby rhythms. More song-oriented than the 1st. Tracey Thorn (vocals) joined.


Derrick May/Innovator (1986-1996) *

One of the central figures of Detroit Techno scene, Derrick May's works.


Curtis Mayfield/There's No Place Like America Today (1975)

The ninth solo album by Curtis Mayfield, who was a member of Chicago R&B vocal group the Impressions in the 1950s/60s, and a giant star in soul/funk of the 1970s. A serious soul album dealing with the problems of unemployment and poorness in black community with exquisite falsetto voice and reflective songs. Includes 'So in Love'.

There's No Place Like America Today

MC5/Kick out the Jams (1969)

Garage rock band from Detriot. Live recording.

Kick out the Jams

Malcolm McLaren/Duck Rock (1983)

Ex-the Sex Pistols' manager. Includes one of the early hip-hop hits, "Buffalo Gals". Produced by Trevor Horn.

Duck Rock

Meat Beat Manifesto/99% (1990)

UK experimental dance/club music influenced by electro-industrial, US hip-hop and Chicago house. Noisy sound with rap and techno beats. Like Renegade Soundwave, but more hip-hop oriented. Cool. Includes a hit in the club charts 'Psyche-Out'.


Metallica/Metallica (1991)

I don't like hard rock and heavy metal so much, but I like this album.


Jeff Mills/Waveform Transmission Vol. 3 (1994) *

A DJ from Detroit. The originator of hard minimal techno. A collection of edited versions of his tracks around 1990. Cool.

Waveform Transmission Vol. 3

Ministry/Twitch (1986)

A pioneering sound of noisy, machinelike electro-industrial. Produced by Adrian Sherwood.


Missing Persons/Spring Session M (1982)

The Los Angeles-based new-wave pop band by ex-members of Frank Zappa's backing band: Terry Bozzio (drums), Dale Bozzio (vocals) and Warren Cuccurullo (guitar). The first full-length album. Technically exquisite performance. Includes 'Destination Unknown', 'Words' and 'Walking in L.A.'

Spring Session M

Joni Mitchell/Blue (1971)

A female singer/songwriter from Canada. 4th album. Folk-based, but free-form pop songs with a unique chord progression and beautiful melodies.


Momus/Tender Pervert (1988)

An artistic, literary singer & songwriter from the UK. (I also like Japanese movie "Summer Vacation: 1999".)

Tender Pervert

The Monkees/The Monkees (1966)

American pop. 1st album. Includes "Last Train to Clarksville".

The Monkees

The Monochrome Set/Volume, Contrast, Brilliance... sessions and singles vol.1 (1979-1986) *

An exotic and strange guitar-pop band featuring Bid (vocals, guitar) and Lester Square (guitar, vocals). A compilation that includes singles and recordings for radio shows in their early days. Includes 'He's Frank', 'Eine Symphonie des Grauens' and other masterpieces.

Volume, Contrast, Brilliance... sessions and singles vol.1

The Monochrome Set/Eligible Bachelors (1982) **

A gem of witty, melodic, acoustic-oriented guitar pop sounds. Includes 'The Jet Set Junta' and 'The Ruling Class'. This 3rd album is great!!!

Eligible Bachelors

The Monochrome Set/The Lost Weekend (1985)

4th album. Includes "Jacob's Ladder" and "Wallflower".


Van Morrison/Moondance (1970)

A soulful singer from Northern Ireland. 2nd album.


Morrissey/"Kill Uncle" (1991)

Ex-the Smiths lead singer. 2nd solo album. Ex-Fairground Attraction songwriter/guitarist Mark E. Nevin joined.

Kill Uncle

The Mothers of Invention/Freak Out! (1966) *

Avant-garde sounds mixing R&B and rock with contemporary music. 1st album.

Freak Out!

Mouse on Mars/Idiology (2001)

The electronica duo (Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma) from Germany, Mouse on Mars' seventh full album. Avant-garde and humorous electronic sound introducing vocals (by collaborator/drummer Dodo Nkishi) and acoustic instruments (piano, strings). Features the single "Actionist Respoke".


Mu-Ziq/Lunatic Harness (1997) *

Mu-Ziq (Mike Paradinas) is a techno music pioneer, taking rank with Richard D. James.

Lunatic Harness

My Bloody Valentine/Loveless (1991)

Ambient-flavored sounds by noisy feed-backing guitars. Sweet melodies.